VW T2 curved design 

The curved kitchen design in a VW camper offers several benefits. Firstly, the curved shape allows for better space utilization, maximizing the available storage and countertop area. This is particularly important in a small camper where every inch of space matters. Secondly, the curved kitchen design creates a more ergonomic and user-friendly layout. It eliminates sharp corners or edges, reducing the risk of accidental bumps or injuries while moving around in the confined space. Lastly, the curved kitchen design adds a touch of style and uniqueness to the camper, giving it a more modern and sleek appearance. Overall, the curved kitchen design in a VW camper enhances functionality, safety, and aesthetics, making it a popular choice among camping enthusiasts.

Early bay window project 


The most attractive feature on a classic camper van is style.
The original campers stand out from the modern day vehicle, and many collectors enjoy the sound and feel of the air-cooled bus as they drive to their destinations. 
When you own an aircooled classic you will also be able to access a wealth of knowledge and information from online forums, shows and club, and many people are happy to give you tips and advice  and chat about their pride and joy. Another benefit is vehicles that are forty year old are also  eligible for zero tax and classic insurance.  The camper van above is a typical example, old factory. Paint with a wonderful patina, zero rust  and style that will not date make this a perfect base vehicle for a sympathetic restoration. 
On this project we used the original bed and installed  a bespoke set of units. Sound deadening, a new plywood base and a neutral floor covering finished off the rear of the camper. To the front  westfalia style door cards, matching upholstery and hard-wearing weave carpet finished of the early bay project.

VW Synchro 

The VW synchro is one of the most sort after campers on the market today. Unfortunately to find a westfalia 4×4 synchro in reasonable condition is extremely difficult and a very expensive option. With that in mind to find a good base example that has not been abused with over all good body work is ideal.  
The syncro will then increase in value but will also give you many incredible adventures. This particular synchro has everything that is required for your camping trip when you reach your destination. The roof pops up for more head space there is a 100w solar panel that can charge the lithium batteries . The van is also fitted out with the revamped westfalia style interior, including a low wattage crx50 compressor fridge, full electric pack and led lighting.

Devon moonraker units 

With all old campers interiors  it’s mostly the ones that were originally built in poor quality material that do not last . The Devon Moonraker camper is one particular bus that visits our workshop quite regularly. Sadly the interiors became damaged due to poor quality   edging this eventually comes of,  damp then gets into the structure swelling up the timber to a point the units can not be saved.  With this in mind  our new  revamped interiors  no longer use this method. The edging what we use is  a pre glued 3mm thick trim making it impossible for water damage .this then gives  a longer lasting and higher speck finish   

Early bay window 


A stunning example of an early VW bay window came to our workshop for a revamp. We fitted it out with a lightweight camper interior. Due to the size of the engine in these old campers we try to build them using only the finest quality lightweight timber.  We believe there is no reason to carry unnecessary weight, especially  when  the campers will have added weight with items for the camping trip. The van is also  fully loaded with state of art electric systems. Low wattage fridge . Bespoke upholstery and an exact match for flooring and trim to the colour of the camper. 

This Particular vwt25 came all the way from Poland for a refit. Once  completed the owner would embark on a European trip that that would last a year. With this in mind we set about constructing an interior that was not only versatile and stylish but also had off grid power supplies.

Classic style VW interior
Based around our handbuilt classic style camper  interior, the white curvy units  work perfectly with the bold deep red fabrics  and  colour scheme. At vw camper interiors we don’t prescribe a look, we simply like to enhance the ideas of our clients ideas and make our interiors more interesting than past projects.

VW Split screen Devon moonraker style 

One of the most popular interior styles of the late bay window was the Devon moonraker.  Unlike the original interior which was limited to just one colour option, our interiors can be built in various colours  and wood grains. This particular unit set has been finished in white wood grain affect. 
In the  split screen bus, behind the seating area, there is the spare wheel storage area that  protrudes into the rear of the van, so we have built a bulkhead unit to hide this with an access door for more valuable storage space. 
Because the units are not  particularly deep on this style of interior,  we use the vertifigo fridge,  which  allows the fridge to be flush fitting with the woodwork. We have also fitted a power management system that powers all the electrics to the camper van, including a hook up system a split charge and 12v lighting. A quality steel framed rock and roll bed and upholstery set that matches the exterior colours of the camper van finishes of this project.

T4 camper conversion

We have been working on different design and ideas for a while,  and not everyone of our camper conversions are the same.
On this specific camper we have changed the door design, choosing  sliding doors. This not only looks completely unique to other conversions but  it also gives much more room for storage. Each sliding door gives full access to the interior of the unit.
We have also matched the laminate to the colour of the camper and upholstery.
Although this interior is for t4, like most of our interiors, we can modify these units to fit other campers.

Phil bought this Syncro T25 for a road trip to Iceland. The Syncro with its 4 wheel drive makes it an ideal camper for a long trip when the roads and weather can be challenging.  This stunning camper had just been fully restored to showroom condition but had no interior, following the restoration. Having compared our interiors on the website to others on the market Phil settled on our Westfalia-style handmade interior system. We fitted the camper out in our lightweight ply design, installed an efficient new Waeco fridge and stylish fittings. The re-fit included a full electric pack and a Propex heat source which is one of the most effective solutions for cold winter evenings and a must for those hardy folk who like to use their vans all year round or explore colder climates. This camper has a also been fitted out with new head-lining and soundproof insulation which also helps to keep the van toasty in winter and cool in summer.  We were sorry we had to give it back once we had finished!

Bay window interior

This camper was a real pleasure to work on and as an early Bay complete with original paint, not something you see every day. It is great to find people who really cherish these vehicles and in this case, as they plan many years enjoying their fantastic camper, we worked with them to design a interior to suit their requirements. This entailed a full set of bespoke cabinets in best quality Vorhinger lightweight ply, full electric system and a quality Rock and Roll bed with cream upholstery; all set for Spring 2015!

Type 2 VW camper interior

This is the project we did for an exhibition at the Royal College of  Art in London. The owner of the camper van came to our workshop for  complete refit to his own design. Once we removed the Danbury interior we set about building the new interior to the exact specification which included a birch interior we hand finished in Formica. This was a unique design and refit from scratch,  including full electrics and leather upholstery. We are very proud that the camper was then exhibited to the public for viewing, which included the Minister for Transport.

T25 camper interior

Steve dropped off his T25 camper for a complete makeover. This van really had been looked after over the years and deserved a fresh new interior. We began by stripping out and adding thermal & acoustic insulation, then replaced the headlining. Working to Steve’s required lay-out we designed and built new interior units throughout which were hand crafted in top quality Vohringer ply. We added a new rock’n’roll bed and new matching upholstery. 

T2 camper conversion

It’s always a little tricky understanding owner’s requirements when we haven’t seen the Camper ‘in the flesh’ however this is a great example of a plan coming together! We received a email from a chap who lives in the South of France. He had bought a Camper in the UK which he knew required a required a full refit. We were consulted on a few interior options and he settled on a Westfalia-style interior . Throughout the build we kept kept the owner up to date on the progress, even sending pictures of the build in stages. It took a month to get the Camper finished to the owner’s specification and he was delighted to fly over to pick it up completely fitted out and looking stunning. We had just the slightest pang of jealousy as he set off on his journey to drive back to the South of France and our next project rolled into the garage. What a busy summer!

Split screen camper interior

One of the highlights of this year has been fitting out this prime example of a early split screen. We stripped and prepared the interior, fitted a standard set of our exclusive hand-built units and installed a full electric pack. The finishing touch was to install full headlining with matching upholstery and door cards. The camper has a complete new lease of life and is ready for trips and festivals for many years to come. We look forward to seeing her on her travels .

VW bay window interior

The owner of this super pastel green Bay wanted a complete makeover with quality fittings which would last for years. We worked to specific design requirements including an extra wide Rock’n’Roll bed to give the space and comfort needed for longer trips. We matched the flooring and upholstery to the eye-catching colour of the van before starting on the fittings. The van required full updating of the interior electrics so we used a Sargent system which allows the option of solar power to be added later. For comfort and quality we installed a Propex heating system, new speakers, Waeco fridge and stylish Smev cooker giving this van a finish which will not only last, but provide the comfort of a modern camper for long trips, with the timeless look of the iconic model.

T2 camper conversion

A bright newly painted T2 Bay arrived at our workshop. The 1974 Devon had been fully restored, but the interior needed a refit, we began by fitting new flooring, and added Veltrim around the engine bay and  interior panels to give a quality finish. We designed and built a full set of Vohringer ply units, to the customer specification, supplying a rock’n’roll bed and a set of matching door cards .

Camper van conversion

Brian made the journey up from Hull to our premises where his restored van had a complete interior refit. We fitted a new bespoke interior including high quality fittings such as a gas cooker, 12v fridge, and full insulation. We also fitted a new durable, low maintenance floor vinyl and to complete the job, a long-life leisure battery, specialist hook up and neat 12v lighting units.

Hight top bay window

Marc’s van came over from the Isle of Man to have a full refit to his specifications. It was imperative to ensure our work met his expectations as he had to leave his Bay with us and would arrange shipping once completed. This is a high top camper and there was plenty to do, but we were working to a budget. We began with new Veltrim for the entire high top, then fitted new cab headlining, contrasting Veltrim around the window area and new door cards. Already the Bay was transformed but we added custom vinyl cab seating and matching bed cushions which along with a new set of hand built units and full electric pack, gave marc a very tidy, high quality van within his budget.

VW bay window

Banana Split came from Wales requiring a revamp. She was fitted out with acoustic insulation which reduces engine noise for a quieter drive. We added our hard-wearing floor vinyl, bespoke interior units to the customer’s specification and one of our own rock’n’roll beds. High quality fittings included a gas cooker and oven, PMS bonus electric unit for 12v and 240v electrics and just so those journeys weren’t too quiet, we also fitted quality speakers and a Hi Fi unit!

T4 camper interior

This wonderful example of a T4 required full insulation, Veltrim to all the panels, a steel frame rock’n’roll bed and other fittings. We supplied and fitted a 12v electric kit, Waeco fridge, and to complete the job for a great summer van we also fitted a sun roof, side window, and all new camper kitchen units with matching upholstery. Happy camping!

T5 camper interior

Tony dropped of his T5  for a complete refit but wanted to supply his own upholstery. No problem! We got to work to complete our jobs within his timescale but there was quite a bit to do. This camper had Veltrim throughout, custom hand-built units, including a main kitchen unit fitted with Smev cooker and sink, gas bottle storage and to the rear, a large wardrobe for plenty of storage. We supplied a crash-tested bed with built in cupboard space, hard-wearing flooring, and full 12v electric kit and hook up.

Split screen camper conversion

After seeing our work at the Harewood House VW show, the owners of this Splitty wanted a complete refit. First the old interior had to come out (not always an easy task!) We then fitted a heavy duty floor vinyl, full length custom units with a neat easy-stow, swing-out table. We also made and fitted matching door cards but we retained the original  bed which was in good condition, just fitting a new front panel to match the interiors units. We completed the job with full new electric kit and kitchen units including Waeco fridge, and  Smev sink and cooker.

T25 camper interiors

David dropped off his T25 for a refit. This van is lovely and still has the original paintwork but the interior needed a refresh. David wanted a functional camper for his trips to France, but wished to retain the original  carpet lining and flooring. We designed and built a new set of units including the main kitchen unit, store cupboard, wardrobe, and overhead locker. We also fitted one of our own rock’n’roll beds including a front kick panel to match the main interior, completing the refit with a Smev cooker and Waeco fridge and a split charge system. still retaining its original good looks, this van has a fully updated quality interior.

T2 camper conversions

This is a little piece of history. It’s a California import which is 100% original. The van has never been welded or painted so we have updated in an understated way. It’s fitted with a Red 9 Design lowering kit and whilst the Westfalia  spent most of its life in a hot dry climate and had the original interior units, these were extremely sun damaged. We first carefully removed the units and measured up to design and build a new set in the style of the original Westfalia Berlin but with a modern twist -we decided to fit a Smev cooker and Waeco fridge to blend traditional looks with modern specification. Retaining as much of the original interior as possible, we restored the original carpets, curtains and upholstery, fitted new headlining and discretely added a modern electric system. An excellent example of what a bit of cosmetic surgery can do for an old lady!

T4 camper interior

Angus is into the great outdoors, spending the majority of his free time in Wales surfing and walking,  He uses his T4 most weekends so wanted a van he could live in comfortably, making the most of the space. With the plastic trim already in place, we designed and fitted a bespoke interior providing lots of storage and clean, low maintenance living space.

T25 camper conversions

We have fitted out quite a few T25s but this one was a bit different! The owner wanted a ‘green’ camper so we fitted an lpg tank which is neatly hidden under the bed. We also fitted the van out with new Veltrim to the high top, heavy duty flooring and full bespoke interior units. The camper had a set of Saab seats that we re-trimmed in cream leather which looked amazing with the pearl white paint job and BRM alloy wheels. This was a gorgeous van when finished, a real head-turner.

T5 camper interior trim

We don’t just do full interiors, we also do smaller jobs such as new Veltrim and part conversions. This is a typical example of a short wheel baseT5 van we worked on to the owner’s specification and budget. Veltrim was added to all panels including the roof and wheel arches. On this camper we also fitted side windows to let in the light, a heavy duty vinyl floor and a crash tested full width bed including seat belts. This camper would be used as a day van so all cooking wood be done outside in the awning.

camper van conversions

Ok, so our passion is VW campervans but we appreciate that lots of vans lend themselves beautifully to giving their owners the freedom to pull up and enjoy the countryside and we enjoy the challenge of working to different lay-outs and requirements. This is a typical example of a Mercedes Sprinter. There is a lot of space in these vans and this camper was fitted to the customer’s specifications from drawings we worked on together. This came to us as a blank canvas and we went to town on it, fitting a shower, toilet, full set of custom kitchen units, television, over head lockers and cooking space. So whatever you have and whatever your budget, give us a call.

You may have seen this T2 campervan at the Volksword show or in numerous VW magazines. We don’t get many requests for complete vw t2 interior restoration as few are in good enough condition to rescue but we will always try to retain original material if that’s the job!
We began this project by carefully removing the interior so we could remove the old damaged formica without damaging the ply wood underneath. We then pain-stakingly applied new formica (and we mean pain! That stuff has sharp edges!). We were careful to ensure that it was an exact match to the original in line with the owner’s requirements. Afterwards we refitted the interior to make this camper look like it had come straight from its original conversion and ready to be a show winner.

VW T4 interior

This Westfalia T4 was brought all the way from gorgeous Switzerland for a slick new bespoke VW camper interior. The pressure was on, this van had to be absolutelty to spec, coming to us from so far afield! We started the project by carefully stripping out the original interior, checking we got a good look at the chassis before the fit out. Satisfied it was in good shape, we set about fitting a new hard-wearing floor, giving a good foundation to measure up for the bespoke units to the customer’s specification. Quality is important so we installed our popular Smev hob and sink configuration with a neat, efficient Waeco fridge underneath. We rigged in a reliable electric system incorporating a PMS bonus unit, split charge system, 240v socket and 12v socket, with a leisure battery and lighting to finish the job. We like to ensure serviceable original fittings are retained if the customer wants and as the RnR bed and front seats were sound we arranged new upholstery to compliment the new units. It was a pleasure to hand this van back to the customer, which is what it’s all about really for us. Just enough time for a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich (Swiss of course!) then it’s back to work, this time on a Narrowboat – change is as good as a rest they say!  van wurks