3 Reasons That Make Van Life A Must Have Experience For Everyone


Life without fun always becomes routine, we should keep experimenting to make our living more joyful. Some ideas are gaining popularity that may seem crazy to normal people but life’s real joy can only be experienced after diverging from normality. Living in a home can be bliss with all the creature comforts on hand, but for some people, home life has nothing exciting to offer. These people would love to explore life’s uncertainties and adventures by moving away from the usual and the humdrum . One such joy in life is to experience Kombi life, which helps you to explore and find a bit of the nomad in you. Gone are the days when living in a van was frowned upon, it’s become quite a trend. So get started with your first van life experience if you haven’t started as yet.


Various reasons make life in a van interesting, and a must experience to add in your bucket list. Some of these are as follows:


1) It Gives You Altogether Different Moments to Remember: Living in a van is fun. Just picturing yourself with a bunch of friends living in a van could make you excited. The adventures and uncertainties that come as a part of van lifemay seem a bit intimidating in the beginning, but with every passing day, your mind will have more ideas to get through the uncertainties and unexpected situations. Although it requires planning, sometimes even the best laid plans fail and you’re provided with unusual and unexpected moments. For example, if you cook in your van; there are some necessities such as a stove and gas cylinder in the vehicle, but running out of the gas could also mean burning some wood and preparing grilled fish.


2)  You Have More Time to Absorb and Observe the Happenings around You: We as humans are happiest when we feel connected to nature. With the growing urbanization and modernity, we have developed a comfort zone around ourselves that keeps us holding back from experiencing new experiences. Living in a van is one step outside our comfort zone, which gives us more time to absorb and observe the nature around us. In a world where so much importance is given to being around people all the time, living a different life not only gives you fun and adventure moments but it also gives you a different perspective. This is why our ancestors always loved some solitude, although you would not experience complete solitude if your friends accompany  you , but it does provide you a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


3) Ultimate Flexibility: One of the best advantages of having a break from mundane home living is indeed the flexibility of time. You are not time-bound as you can stop your van while experiencing a particular moment in a specific time. The 9-5 routine does not offer much flexibility to make a schedule and enjoy your travel itinerary. There are no constraints on your time while enjoying your van life experiences.


Conclusion: Life without fun feels like a routine, but everyone, at least once in the lifetime, should try Van Life.  The experience of living in a van may sound crazy to normal people but to the ones who don’t mind deviating from the norm , it is exciting and adventurous. It is a life that gives you the ultimate flexibility of time to absorb and observe altogether different moments.